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Welcome to the VIP “members-only” area.

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Thank you for attending the hands-on DIY Facebook Workshop. You’ve taken a big step forward in establishing a social media presence for your business, and if you can keep working on Facebook a little every day, you’ll start to see some positive results.

I know there was a information covered, and everyone was at a different stage in setting up their own Facebook Fan Page – so this private area is here for you whenever you need a refresher. If you have any questions, just pop over to Bright Spark Media on Facebook and share your question. I’ll answer it, and I’m sure it will help others who have similar questions too.

Here are link to the presentation (in 3 parts due to large file size), in case you missed anything during the workshop and want to view it again.

Bright Spark Media – DIY Facebook Workshop presentation – May 2012 – part1

Bright Spark Media – DIY Facebook Workshop presentation – May 2012 – part 2

Bright Spark Media – DIY Facebook Workshop presentation – May 2012 – part 3


*** UPDATE: as of July 2013, Facebook has eliminated the Cover Photo rules, so now you CAN:

  • have more than 20% text
  • include calls to action, or arrows pointing to the like button
  • announce discounts and sales

Get organized – top tools:


Click the link below for tools, resources and a dictionary of Social Media terms that were mentioned during the workshop:

Resources Links and Dictionary of Social Media terms

Example of a completed Facebook Fan Page in Timeline format with apps and cover photo



3rd Party Apps:

Heyo (formerly Lujure) (one of the best and easiest – drag and drop iFrames (great for showcasing a whole page of your website or blog), sharing buttons, videos, text, photos,maps, and more…note that this is no longer a free service!)
 Woobox – Quickly and easily add a Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram tab to your Facebook Page (free). They also have apps for sweepstakes, contests, polls, coupons).
(Note: as of July 2013, Involver was taken over by Oracle and no longer offers Free Facebook apps)

Free Photo Editing software:

Tutorials and how-to videos: These are 2-10 minute training videos I created to help you with Facebook setup.

Tutorials include how to:
  • add a cover photo
  • use tagging (@tags) in Facebook
  • rearrange apps
  • add y0ur own Facebook Page as a link in your personal profile
  • pinning and highlighting posts
and more.
Remember I said that less than 10% of you would put into practice what you learned at the workshop?

top 10

How many of you are in the “10 % club”?


Here is a checklist to see if you’re a qualified member:
  • Have you filled in all your info on your Facebook Page? (About, Description, etc)
  • Have you chosen a Username (web address, vanity URL)?
  • Have you set up your Hootsuite account so you can pre-schedule your posts?
  • Have you found some other websites, blogs, and Fan Pages that you like so you can share their great content to your own fans?
  • Have you completed your Apps and added YouTube, Twitter or your blog to your Facebook page?
  • Have you connected on Facebook with the other people you met at the workshop? That’s an easy place to start!
Don’t forget:
rule of 3 - facebook DIY workshop - share like comment
To make it even easier:
I’ve created an Interest List in Facebook for ♥ Kelowna & Okanagan BC ♥
Click on the link and you can filter your Facebook newsfeed to only see Kelowna businesses (which includes you…if you’re not on the list, message me and let me know).
Then subscribe to that list, and it will appear in the menu on the left side of your Facebook Personal Profile, so you can get rid of all the noise, and only look at what you want. There is even an “add interests” option so you can create your own list – of family and friends, of people or businesses in your industry, etc AND you can even make the lists private or public.
facebook interest list for Kelowna and okanagan for DIY workshop
Please remember: do not to share the VIP sectoin link – it’s here to help you whenver you need it, but it’s a bonus for everyone who has paid to attend the workshop.
If you still have questions, pop on over to Bright Spark Media’s Facebook Page and post your question, or you can send me a direct message if you prefer.
And if you find all this info useful, I’d love it if you let me know 🙂

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