Video Marketing – Hustream Presents Seminar To Kelowna Business Owners

A live Video Marketing seminar in Kelowna – what? Not a webinar? Meet and interact with real-live people? I’m in!


I find it odd that I see faces all the time on social networks, and I’ve followed some people or companies for years. Hustream is one of those. I remember reading about them and their interactive video format – cool! They even won an award for their innovation.

Peter from Hustream - Do you recognize this guy - photo at Hootsuite Ryan Holmes ignITE Accelerate Okanagan

Fast forward a year. I attended Accelerate Okanagan’s ignITE event where Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes (a local guy from Vernon, BC) gave a presentation and Q&A session at Okanagan College. I sat in front of Peter Matejcek, but at the time, I didn’t know it.

A bit of stalking, um, detective work, ensued  and eventually Ashley from Accelerate Okanagan identified the mystery man in my photo. I laughed – I hadn’t recognized Peter in real life, though we’d been connected on Twitter and LinkedIn for a while. (Seriously, the glasses threw me off!)

radio telescope satellite dish aimed at the sky

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A few days later,  I saw that Peter’s video company Hustream was presenting a free video marketing seminar in Kelowna to teach local businesses about why video is so important, what goes into creating a video, and how video fits into the social media marketing mix.

OK – I get it. The universe was clearly sending me a message that we should meet.

As a social media strategist, there’s no need to convince me of the power of video marketing and how effective it can be for businesses and entrepreneurs to attract clients to their website (video is great for SEO) as well as build trust. But I figured I always learn a few ninja tips at any event, and I wanted to meet Peter and his team in person.

The best camera is the one you have with you.

It was an informative event. Peter and Jordy dispelled some myths about video marketing (you don’t need big, expensive D-SLR cameras to produce entertaining or educational videos that connect you with your audience in a powerful way), and they described the art of storytelling to create a more compelling video. Then they showed some examples of their videos.

Admittedly the interactive format of Hustream videos makes the content more compelling because it’s presented in little clips (apparently our attention span is only 38 seconds) that are determined by the viewer – a bit like those “interactive” books I remember reading in my youth where you skipped to the appropriate page to create your own storyline.

If you missed the video marketing seminar, Hustream has kindly shared their presentation slides.

(Visit this link if you can’t see the Slideshare viewer below:
[slideshare id=15287944&doc=howtousevideoforyourbusiness-attendeecopy-121121151448-phpapp02] In the end, the video marketing seminar was a success, I got to leave my cave and interact in the real world, and meet some nice people with whom I have a lot in common.

Oh, and the bribe of cookies didn’t hurt.



Angelique says:

My pleasure.
Nice to finally connect with you in person Peter 🙂

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