Social Media Round-up – 5 Easy Tools For Facebook Timeline Fan Page Apps


This week I’ll introduce some tools that can enhance your Facebook Fan Page so your company’s brand will look really professional – AND these tools are really easy to use!


Timeline for Fan Pages (business or company pages) went live for everyone as of March 30th 2012.

Once you’ve created your panoramic Timeline Cover Photo and updated your Profile Picture (see image below), you’ll want to add some custom Apps (called Tabs in the Old Facebook) that help you direct your fans and visitors to important info, videos, promotions, contact forms and more, on your page.


Timeline for Facebook Fan Pages showing Apps Thumbnails

Bright Spark Media's Fan Page - new Timeline Cover Photo

(You can check out what I mean by Apps Thumbnails by clicking the image above and visiting Bright Spark Media’s Facebook Page.)


There was a lot of hoopla about the fact that the new Timeline doesn’t have a default Landing tab (Welcome tab) but it’s still there, just not as a default (unless you direct your fans to that App using the URL specific to that App…more on that in another blog post). Today I’m just going to showcase a few tools to help you customize your Fan Page by using 3rd party tools that make it super easy to create awesome looking Apps pages.

Know what even better? They are FREE! (There is a paid version, but all the ones listed allow at least one custom App for free…so just use several different 3rd party Apps.)


Here is a list of Facebook Apps Tools:


1. My favourite tool for ease of use is Lujure. You don’t need to know any coding because it’s all drag and drop. And there are even handy video clips to walk you through the process if you get stuck.

Lujure Facebook App screenshot

Lujure Facebook App screenshot


2. Another great customizable App is by Wildfire. What I like about their iFrame App is you can just upload an image if you don’t know how to code, or you can upload some HTML code (say from your WordPress website) and all the buttons, videos and links will still function. You can also choose to make it a Fan-gate (Like-Reveal) page, or just upload the same image for both fans and non-fans if you choose for everyone to see the same thing. Wildfire also has some paid Apps that are useful if you want to run a contest or create a promotion on your Fan Page.

Fan Page Welcome Landing Page using Wildfire App - once people Like my Facebook Page

Facebook Fan Page Welcome Landing Page using Wildfire App


3. Involver also makes some great Apps, and these are good if you want to add your Twitterfeed or YouTube channel to your Facebook Page. There is also an RSS feed option, but you can use a different 3rd party developer for that, because you only get TWO free Apps with Involver. They also have some useful contest tools, social badges, ratings, polls, a photo gallery App and more when you use subscribe at different monthly pricing levels.

Involver app for facebook fan page showing youtube twitter RSS

Involver app for facebook fan page showing youtube twitter RSS

4. RSS Grafitti is a way to post your newest blog posts to your Facebook Page. I’ve never used it myself, but I’ve heard good things about it.


5. Networked Blogs is a blog/website directory where that you can add your blog to and other people can search topics to subscribe to. Once you sign up (it’s easy – you can even add someone else’s blog that you love so it gets listed too) you can share your newest posts to Facebook using the Networked Blogs App.

So the first step is to add your blog:

Then go to your dashboard, or go directly to syndication with this link so you can share your new blog posts automatically to your Facebook page or Twitter:

networked blogs for social media round up blog post

Screenshot for Bright Spark Media's blog on Networked Blogs directory



That’s it for this week’s Social Media Round-up.

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Let me know how you made out with these new apps and if you find them easy. Or you can even post a link in the comment section to show me what you’ve come up with – I’d love to see how YOU’VE used these Apps 🙂



Jo Guerra says:

Hi there and thanks for your great social media tips. I just Googled something and found your website and I had to contact you because we have the same Elegant theme I believe. And I think you even refer to Top Dog and I listened to her LinkedIn seminar with Mari Smith and learned a lot. So, pleasure to meet you and keep up the good work. Drop me a line some time. Jo

Angelique says:

Mari & Melonie are both great sources of social media info. Nice to meet you too Jo. Thanks for stopping by!

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