Scott Stratten UnMarketing webinar – Top Tips for this week’s Social Media Roundup


Top Tips from one of the Webinars I watched this week – Scott Stratten, UnMarketing


It seems as though everyone is trying to get their webinars presented and their new products and services online before the summer lull – there were 5 webinars on my “to-do” list this week. In case you didn’t have a chance, here are my top takeaways from one of my faves this week – “Top Tools and Techniques for Engaging Your Audience Online”.

Scott Stratten Unmarketing - Stop talking at customers, start engaging online

Scott Stratten is a fellow Canadian (woo hoo, though he is from Toronto I’ll forgive him for that), and bestselling author ofUnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. He’s an expert on viral, social, and authentic marketing, with more than 120,000 Twitter followers.

What I love about Scott’s book, his Twitter conversations and his webinars is that he is refreshingly real, which I admit, doesn’t appeal to everyone. (There was a heated Twitter exchange on May 3 between @Unmarketing and @danzarrella about instant popups for email subscriptions when you first visit someone’s blog. I wish there was a transcript so I could share it.) His presentations aren’t just a slide full of bullet points – they are more in the Steve Jobs’ style of presenting, with a few memorable images and telling a story around it.


Instead of a list of tips in standard format, I’ll share some of the best quotes from the webinar.

(I apologize if they are not verbatim – I just took a few notes while listening to the webinar.)

  • “To be great at customer service we only need to be mediocre because everyone else sucks.” {Sad but true).
  • “You can’t ignore what you hate” {re: Farmville – it just sticks in your head doesn’t it?}
  • “Social media doesn’t fix anything. It amplifies. If your content sucks, it will suck worse with social media.”
  • “Don’t feed the trolls”. {An oldie but a goodie, back from online forum days.}
  • “We all have little windows of awesome during our day. We have the choice whether or not we open that window.”
  • “If you want a good reputation, be great. Stop trying to cover your tracks, and just be good. You have nothing to fear if you are good at what you do.”


You can visit Scott here:


What do you think? Do you agree with these tips?

Do you have any other customer service tips you would add?



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