Say Farewell to 2012 – Send Off the Old Year With Gracious Blessings

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As we go rushing headlong into the New Year, ambitious to set goals and plan for a successful year, shouldn’t we first bid farewell to the present year and the lessons and achievements it has brought us?


I remember when Francis Ford Coppola’s teen hearthrob movie The Outsiders came out in theatres in 1983. I was 13 and I desparately wished I was 16. I couldn’t wait.

When I reached 16, I so wanted to be 18. Then 21. I don’t remember in my 20’s wishing I was 30. Or in my 30’s wishing I’d reach the half-century mark. Why did that change?

At this time every year the newspapers, radio and blogs extol the virtues of setting goals for the New Year. While it’s true that success comes from forethought and planning, shouldn’t we complete this exercise in both our business and personal life on a regular basis? Not just once a year when the media tells us to?

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Doesn’t it seem a bit hollow? Like the disappointment so many people start to feel within a few weeks of the New Year arriving. Once the party poppers and champagne promises have faded away, the daily routine sets in and goals start to slide. The weekly gym routine gets nudged out by a dinner invitation. Those starry eyed to-do lists get buried under dozens of emails and phone calls of everyday life.

cover of workbook Create Your Incredible Year by Leonie Dawson - click to buy it now for only $10

Last week I ordered Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Incredible Year Workbook. I love Leonie’s fresh, heart-centred approach to business coaching, and her bright, cheerful, hand-painted workbook inspired me to write this blog post.


It made me realize how we seem to long to get where we’re going without any appreciation for where we’ve been.

Our own life-long journey brings us here to where we are now. It’s where each of us is supposed to be. Think about that. The trials and tribulations. The awards, achievements, compliments. All part of our path. It defines who we are.


Our uniqueness sets us apart from the competition, and allows each of us to work in our own way, knowing there is an abundance of clients or customers that are looking for us and our unique talents, as much as we are looking for them.


It’s worth embracing our winding road of life, in order to share our life’s purpose with others. Whether that’s writing novels, designing jewellery, making art, building skyscrapers, creating order out of paperwork chaos, or coaching others to succeed.


Angelique hugging Paul after Canada's first Ice Swim


So now I’d like to give thanks for 2012.

For life’s lessons learned. For the mistakes that made me find alternate solutions. For being able to overcome challenges. For thinking outside the box. For being a problem solver, motivator and unstuck facilitator.

For the numerous wonderful, inspiring clients I’ve worked with (many of whom have become friends). For feeling energized after coaching sessions. For the clients who challenged me or who didn’t fit the mould, who inspired me to find new or creative ways to help make them shine.

For the days when I didn’t know what to write so I took it as a sign to go out and do something. To just let go. To be inspired by life. And for the days when the words flowed like a waterfall.

For my husband’s success in his own incredible goals – in starting a blog that made finalist for Canadian Sports Blog of the Year, and for joining an elite list of  individuals when he became Canada’s first Ice Swimmer.

Simply, thank you.


Good bye 2012. I send you off with gratitude. And welcome whatever life adventures 2013 has in store for me.


I hope it inspires you to say your own farewell to this year before diving headfirst into a new one.


Happy New Year!

 Angelique xo

P.S. What are you thankful for? What gracious farewells are you making today as you welcome in the New Year?




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