Random Visual Marketing Tips and Tidbits

Visual Marketing Tips and Tidbits

Have you ever casually told someone how to do something, maybe showed them a website you love, or shared the coolest iPhone app? And they freak out with joy because they think whatever it is is SOOOO amazing?


A-ha moments. Don’t you love them? Finding a new tool or resource, a golden nugget of advice, a new app, or learning a faster way to carry out a task.

The funny thing is, something that you take for granted or that comes so naturally to you can be a real OMG moment for someone else. Don’t underestimate that.


So in the spirit of happy sharing, I thought I’d give you some little discoveries that may be new to you.


A  list of random visual marketing tidbits that you probably didn’t know:

 1.  You can add a placemark or draw lines on Google Maps. You can also save (and share) custom maps WITH directions. (No more describing over and over how to get to my house, or where we went on our road trip.)


2. Add a button with a link to your Facebook cover photo. Great for calls to action about your upcoming special offer or new product launch. (Hint: the photo isn’t really a live button, but you can add your clickable link in the description. Here’s one of my Facebook cover images with a button announcing a LinkedIn workshop.)


Facebook cover photo with button call to action CTA2 with arrow

3. Add a video to your newsletter. This one is similar to #2 in that it’s really a fake button. But people see the photo of the video player with a play button and automatically click it. Then it leads to a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or wherever you saved your video. You can do this in Mailchimp, Aweber, iContact, or whichever email marketing software you use.

To make the photo clickable, it’s just like adding a link in an email…only instead of text being a link, it’s a photo.
4. PowerPoint is a fabulous image editing tool. That’s right – it’s not just for presentations. You can set the “slide” or image size (square is best for photos you’ll use as a Facebook status update), add text over a picture, and there even a selection of copyright free images and graphics. Easy peasey lemon squeezey.
5. Find photos and illustrations to use for blog posts, presentations and social networks. There are dozens of free image resources, most of which are “creative commons” and only require that you give a link or credit if you use the photo. Here are a few photo resources to get you started.

6. Use screencapture to show instead of telling. Have you ever tried to describe something in words when you knew that it would be easier to show someone your screen? You can. Macs come with a screenshot option (command-shift-4) and many PCs have a new Windows “snipping” tool. You can also use a free tool called Jing by Techsmith for screenshots. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so save your breath by using screenshots!
7. Find cool letters, graphics and embellishments for your visual marketing. Digital scrapbookking is a great resource for finding interesting fonts, textures, backgrounds and funky graphic elements for presentations, blog posts and photo quotes. Just type “free digital scrapbookking” or “free fonts” into a search. 


fonts and letters  free at digital scrapbookking



8. Eliminate clutter on your desktop. If you use Screenflow (Mac only) to create tutorial videos or screencasts, you can take advantage of the “Hide Desktop Icons” option. As a creative person, I take screenshots of everything that inspires me, but sometimes it’s nice to instantly declutter so I can focus. (At least until I start using Evernote!)


Do you have any other cool tips? I’d love to hear them.
Just add your tip and a link in the comment below.



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