Photography Pros Live Chat with Gary Fong, Thomas E Hanna + Harvey Bremner

Photo Pros Live Chat (June 18th, 2015) episode show notes, contest and embedded player.


Live show date: June 18th, 2015 at 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST

Topics we’ll discuss:

Social media marketing, outsourcing, building an online community, networking, business strategy, and more.


Looking for the contest? Allrighty then, choose your entry options and good luck!

Contest closes at 2pm PST on June 18th, 2015. 


Photo Pros Live Chat – Prize Giveaway


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I realize at this point, some of you won’t even get to the next line, but keep reading if you want to know more about the Photo Pros Live Chat, this episode’s guests, or watch the live event or replay on YouTube.


Photography Pros Live Chat – View live event or replay below

The Photo Pros Live Chat will be broadcast live on June 18th, 2015 at 3:30pm PST (6:30pm EST). If you have any questions you’d like to ask the pros, please post them in the comments below the YouTube video (we won’t be checking this blog comment stream during the live event).

After the broadcast, you’ll be able to view the replay below or on YouTube at this link:




How Photo Pros Live Chat began…

I teach an 11 week course on Social Media for Photographers (SMP) at the Centre For Arts and Technology (CATO) in Kelowna. For the last class of the term I host an interview show live in the classroom via Google Hangouts on Air. The online event is livestreamed via YouTube, so my students and anyone else who’s tuned in online can watch and ask questions of the guest experts, and there is also a replay available for later viewing and review.

Here’s how the show began 4 episodes ago.

My students have a term “bucket list” project where they are required to use their new social networks to connect with photographers and other key people in their chosen photography niche. They are encouraged to further the relationship and ask questions on their chosen topic, and present their project as a PowerPoint or video. The 2nd time I taught the course, I was becoming interested in the power of broadcasting live video using Google Hangouts on Air, so I challenged myself to connect with photographers and run the show live in my classroom.

Outside of a few tech hiccups, it was a success, and was enjoyed by my students and the on-air guests.

The rest, as they say, is history.


Photo Pros Live Chat Guests

This year I’m interviewing 3 fabulous photographers, who also happen to have skills in other areas.

Gary Fong (Gary Fong Inc) is an accredited wedding and portrait photographer whom I’ve been following for over a decade. Now Gary has become well-known for his invention – the LightSphere Collapsible Flash Diffuser (now on version 5!)  which Gary also creates video trainings for.

Thomas E Hanna ( is a travel photographer and content marketing strategist. I’ve followed Thomas for nearly 2 years and his following on Google+  has grown exponentially, so I’d definitely consider him a go-to person on that social network. Thomas also has a membership on his website where insiders can get his stock photo images and other templates.

Harvey Bremner (Pinstripe Productions) was formerly in the corporate world in the UK before he decided to move across the pond and pursue a career in commercial, event and wedding photography. His friend and business partner Jamie Cottington is the videographer, and Harvey’s wife runs the event planning side of the business. Harvey is also a former SMP student at CATO, so I’m happy to have him share about how he now use social media marketing to grow his photography business.


Contest – Enter to win a LightSphere Diffuser Kit

I’m thrilled that Gary has offered a LightSphere Collapsible G5 Flash Diffuser kit ($150 value) as a prize for our first Photo Pros Live Chat prize giveaway (something I hope continues in future episodes!).

In my earlier blog post on how to use contests to promote events and grow your email list, I mentioned a couple of contest apps along with how they could be used as part of your online marketing strategy.

I decided to use the Gleam app to run this prize draw so I could promote the Photo Pros Live Chat show, create some buzz on my social networks, and spread the word about Gary Fong’s cool LightSphere diffusers.

In another blog post  I’ll document a step-by-step guide to creating and promoting a contest (I’ve done the experimenting for you and believe me there are a lot of not-so-obvious steps), and I’ll also give a detailed account on promoting contests, events, product launches and more with Facebook ads.

What I love about the Gleam contest app is that there are lots of ways to enter, and people can enter multiple times to get more chances to win. This can help drive traffic to my website, increase engagement on my social networks, and create brand awareness or interest in the event I’m promoting.

The refer-a-friend option is a useful feature too (it’s only available as a paid option in some contest apps) to help your contest go viral by getting contest entrants to spread the word about the contest for you.

If you’re lucky enough to have reached this blog post while the contest is still live, go ahead and enter at the top of the page. 


Show Notes

Shortly after the show I’ll provide a summary of the key topics, as well as links to websites, products or apps that were mentioned on the episode.

>>> Coming soon <<<<


Your turn – post your comments below

Have you ever hosted a webinar, podcast or Hangout on Air? How did you promote the event?

And if you would like to see more step-by-step tutorials where I give you a peek behind the curtain to share what I’ve learned  then be sure to post in the comments below!

I’m happy to be the guinea pig to save you some effort and expense by sharing any tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way.





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