Is Mobile Marketing Frustrating Your Customer?

Is your company’s marketing mobile friendly?


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Mobile marketing is a hot topic. In 2013, over 2 billion people are using their mobile phones to access the internet. That includes using smartphones to:

  • read email
  • make purchases
  • research and comparison shop
  • watch videos
  • listen to or download music
  • watch tv and movies
  • connect on social networks
  • do banking
  • take part in online training, conferences and webinars
  • use maps and navigate routes

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I remember growing up without a cellphone, when email was new (Freenet is what I started on – anyone else remember that?), having a website was forward-thinking for a business, books were printed on paper, and when people had conversations at restaurants and bus stops.

Now, my husband and I start the morning in bed by reaching for our cell phones, and I can’t leave the house without grabbing my mobile.

Crazy right?


So what does mobile marketing mean for your business?

In a world that runs at 90 miles a minute, people are no longer just using home computers to access information. It’s vitally important to make the online experience user-friendly for not only desktop computers, but mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

As a self-employed visual marketing strategist, I work from home. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, whether it’s editing photos, writing blog posts, creating training videos, developing online courses, or Skyping with clients.  I also learn from a lot of excellent mentors by taking part in mastermind groups, attending online conferences and telesummits, and watching webinars.

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I realized recently that I hardly ever listen to music any more when I’m driving. Why? Because I’m usually listening to a podcast that I downloaded, or listening to a live webinar on my smartphone. If I’m in my car for a 20 minute drive across town, that’s 40 minutes round trip – time that I won’t get back, so I figure I may as well use it to be productive.


Yesterday I listened to a YouTube marketing webinar by my go-to guy for video marketing info, James Wedmore. {Great tips, as always.) A webinar on the go – I love it!

Here’s the thing. A few days earlier, I tried to watch a webinar on my phone while I was sitting by the lake drinking my Americano. Guess what? Because the webinar  software they broadcast on used Flash, I couldn’t access the webinar on my Android smartphone. How annoying.

And today, I tried to sign up for this super-cool sounding newsletter via my mobile phone. But the process to navigate their website and click tiny links was so frustrating, I left, and that company never got my oh-so-valuable email address.

You see, I never realized until this year how different a user’s experience is on a mobile phone. They way a website looks and users interact with it is totally different. Some services don’t even work on some smartphones (depending whether you use an iPhone, a Blackberry phone or an Android).


10 things to consider about mobile marketing

Test your website, Facebook apps, landing pages, email newsletters, and other online marketing on different platforms (tablet/iPad, smartphone, desktop computer). Better yet, test them on different web browsers too (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer).

  1. Is every section visible?
  2. Is it easy to click?
  3. Is it easy to navigate?
  4. Is it quick to load?
  5. Do the links work?
  6. Do users have to scroll around?
  7. Is important info like phone numbers, maps and opening hours visible and clickable?
  8. Do your videos play?
  9. Is your opt-in form to capture email addresses easy to use on all devices?
  10. Is the text size big enough to read easily?


So stop frustrating your mobile customers. Make sure you have a mobile version of your website, or use a responsive website theme. Don’t leave money on the table or miss opportunities by not having a mobile marketing strategy.



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