Missing messages on your Facebook wall



Are you missing messages that other people have posted on your Facebook wall?


Do you even KNOW if you are missing any?


I have a lot of Facebook friends, but only a handful of people posted birthday greetings on the wall of my Facebook personal profile.

Hmmm, that’s strange. Surely there should be more birthday wishes?

 Screenshot of facebook missing birthday messages on my wall



In fact, there were.


69 other messages!!!


Woo hoo! (That must mean I really am special.)


What happens is Facebook stacks messages together if they have a common theme, such as birthdays, congratulations, or any other topic that is being talked about.

This happens in your newsfeed too. Ever notice that only a few posts are visible about the Oscars, the Superbowl, Happy New Year, or Apple’s new iPhone 5?


To view all the stacked wall posts which have been  hidden from view, look for a group of messages – with the 2-column Timeline, this appears on the right side of your wall.

Then click the “view more” link below those messages.



Check wall posts via the Activity Log


Screenshot of Facebook personal profile with Activity Log button

Just click the Activity Log button (under your cover photo, at the right) and you can see all of your own posts, uploaded photos, posts by others, and posts that were hidden as spam.

(Note: I wrote another blog post about Facebook Spam – be sure to check it out.)

I recommend that you check your Activity Log at least once a month, especially if you use your Facebook Page for business. In case you’re wondering, Facebook Pages have their own Activity Log.





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