LinkedIn Skills and Expertise Endorsement – New Way to Recommend Skills on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently added a new feature – Skills Endorsement. It’s a one-click way to recommend someone on LinkedIn for their skills, experience and expertise in a list of 5 or 6 given areas.

LinkedIn has long been considered the best social network for business professionals and entrepreneurs. With over 200 million profiles, and a new member joining every second, it is THE social media marketing platform in the business world.


 Here are my  thoughts on LinkedIn Skills Endorsments:

 1. One-click endorsements. In an online world that is already inundated with messages, will we simply click the pop-up box without thinking? Will people simply click “endorse” because it is easy? If so, how valuable is that? Does the one-click feature water down the value of the skills list?

2. How will these LinkedIn Endorsed Skills work? I’m certain LinkedIn had a reason to create this new feature.

  • Will popularity in a certain skill rank a person higher in a LinkedIn search?
  • Will LinkedIn add a new “by endorsements” filter to it’s advanced search?
  • Does that mean people with a high number of connections will benefit more?
  • Does that make it a popularity contest?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then the value of growing your network and making connections on LinkedIn just increased.

And since only your 1st level connections can endorse your skills on LinkedIn, it’s time to start expanding your network beyond your friends, family and co-workers.


When you search for someone’s name in LinkedIn, if they are a 1st level connection, this box will pop up, asking you “Does this person have these skills or expertise”?

You can remove any skills from the list by clicking the X beside that skill suggestion, then click the yellow Endorse button . Or you can skip it if you don’t want to endorse their skills.


LinkedIn Skills endorsements for one of Angelique's connections


Once you’ve clicked Endorse, you will get another pop-up with a suggestion to endorse one skill from 4 different people you are connected to. That’s right – one click and it’s easy to endorse several people at once.



Adding, Editing, or Deleting Skills on Your Profile – via LinkedIn help

You can add, edit, or delete a skill from the Skills section on your Edit Profile page. Maintaining a relevant list of skills on your profile will help others to understand your strengths and match you with the right opportunities.

The process is super-easy, and what’s good about it is that whenever you endorse someone, it shows up as an update on your profile and on the person you’ve endorsed. Depending on their settings, they may also get an email that you have endorsed their skill.

If someone endorses you, it’s a perfect opportunity to connect with them – send them a personal thank you message, and let them know if you’ve also endorsed them.


Once you have reached at least 30 Skills Endorsements, you might consider moving the Skills section right under your LinkedIn profile summary so it’s more visible. In fact, you can rearrange most of your LinkedIn profile sections, so play around with the setup, and take a look at what others have done. {More on adding LinkedIn sections and apps in an upcoming blog post.}

I still think that LinkedIn Recommendations are more valuable, especially since they give more detail and hold more credibility. Make sure to be asking for recommendations form colleagues, clients and employers, and don’t forget to give recommendations as well.


What’s your opinion of the Skills Endorsements feature on LinkedIn?



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