Laura Jones on Productivity and Mindset on The Power of Free Show episode 6

This week Laura Jones is joining on the show.

Laura will share about her multiple passions, and how she works with creative grasshoppers (aka entrepreneurs like you) to wrangle their business ideas into clarity.



During the show we dive into:

  • – how lack of productivity is hurting your business and your life – it’s not just financial implications!
  • – how to figure out your priorities
  • – how to stay focused when you’re feeling distracted
  • – 4 habits that will help you stop procrastinating



Laura G. Jones is a productivity and success coach for creative grasshoppers. Through intuitive mindset shifts and flexible habit systems, she helps passionate entrepreneurs find productivity, clarity, and success without having to overspecialize and structure their lives to the point of suffocation. If you are ready to stop procrastinating and embrace flexible productivity, join her tribe at

Laura’s free gift, her time mastery mini course:

You can connect with Laura



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The show broadcasts every Thursday at noon Pacific Time.

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