Is Video Right for Your Business? 3 Video Marketing Examples

Is video marketing right for your industry?

The idea of being on-camera in a video that is shared online is even more scary for most people than writing blogs. Maybe it’s something you can’t imagine being able to pull off. But trust me, you can.

Remember that getting your message out there to reach those you serve is more important than creating big-budget productions.

Is it right for your business? Probably. You’ll have to test it and find out!

Is video marketing right for your business? Clown with clapboard film shoot


Why use video marketing?

Whether you’re a coach, consultant or small business owner, creating videos can be an effective way to communicate with your customers. There’s no other medium that allows it’s audience to connect with you in such an authentic way, almost as if you were there in the room.

Video marketing is also a powerful strategy that can help you rank better in a Google search (or Bing or Yahoo or your search engine of choice) when clients are looking for your products and services. Besides the fact that the largest search engine is Google, the video thumbnail catches your eye more than text when you see it on a page of search results.

In the screenshot below, I did a pretty random search, typing the words in a way the most of us would ask a question in a search box. Sure enough, my phrase “How to fix a zipper” gave thousands of results (990 000 in fact) and on the first page, only one result appeared with a video thumbnail. Which link do you think stands out most on a page full of text?

Not only that, a video in this case is probably easier to follow than reading a page of step-by-step instructions.


Google search results showing video thumbnail

Google search results for “How to fix a zipper”. The video thumbnail draws your eye, making it more likely for you to choose that result from the list of options.


Video marketing is not just for big companies with unlimited budgets.

YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and other social video sites have levelled the playing field so that small business owners can compete with the big guns. I’m sure you’ve noticed, viral videos are often low quality, yet they still achieve thousands or millions of views.

When it comes to business, even if the videos you make don’t go viral – which is something you can’t predict, though marketing agencies certainly do try – they still have immense value for you and your customers.


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Videos can:

  • Connect you to your customers – almost as good as meeting them in person
  • Spread your message far and wide – your advice and tips, your products and services – connecting you to thousands of people who need what you have to offer, saving you time by efficiently reaching more people than you could ever meet by networking and 1-on-1 relationships
  • Save you time – create a system to share your information once, then repurpose it to answer client questions and support your customers, and provide valuable content
  • Get you found online. Videos are a relatively easy way to get ranked well and find your way onto the first page of a Google search. 3 important facts help make that happen:
    • Google is the largest search engine
    • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine
    • Google owns YouTube


Maybe you’re thinking: can I really benefit from video marketing? What on earth would I talk about for my business?


Let’s look at examples from 3 very different industries.

I chose these examples because they illustrate what you can achieve by thinking outside the box, even in industries that don’t typically lend themselves to visual marketing, or that are often used in a boring and unsuccessful way.

I intentionally stayed away from internet marketing industry because they tend to be quite savvy about online marketing trends and have embraced videos wholeheartedly. I also didn’t chose visual or entertainment industries that would be easy to create beautiful looking videos with their professional equipment, such as photographers, videographers, singers and other entertainers.


  • real estate – the Krieg Family are Remax realtors in Kelowna, Canada, and have a knack for making entertaining and informative real estate reports
  • nature – who’d have thought you could make worms, composting and cheesemaking so popular?
  • exercise & weight loss – how-to demos are best served via video


1. Emotion

As Jay Bear states in his article 4 Rules to Make Your Video Go Viral, one of the key components is emotion. That could be nostalgia, sadness, or humour, as in the Krieg Family videos, where you can tell that they don’t take themselves too seriously in their entertaining real estate market report videos.


2. Trending Topics

Remember Psy’s Gangnam Style video? It was fun, catchy, and it went viral (currently 2.1 billion views – yes, with a B), making the Korean entertainer very rich in the process. What’s interesting is that there were numerous parody videos that also went viral – they took advantage of the trending video to harness some of the popularity themselves.

A hot topic right now is the environment and sustainability.

In the Natures Little Helpers “edutainment” series, Ed explains how worms work in the composting process and how to set up your own urban vermiculture bin. The informative information is presented in humourous and creative way with the “Will the worms eat this” videos. By creating the desire to learn what happened next, people are encouraged to return to the website, thus helping with SEO.

In the very popular blog, podcast and video series Gavin Webber describes his journey to living a sustainable lifestyle, attempting to one day live off the grid. Gavin details all the how-to aspects of cheesemaking, raising chickens, making homemade soap, growing an organic vegetable garden, lowering your carbon footprint, and changing to a more conscious lifestyle. Many of Gavin’s low-budget videos have gotten over 100 000 views, and he is contributing to his overall revenue through passive income from YouTube ads and ebook sales on his blog.

The Greening of Gavin - sustainable living and environmentalism blog with cheesemaking, worm composting and raising chickens


3. Authenticity and Relatability

The most effective videos make people relatable by being authentic and showing their personality. This also helps to distinguish one company or brand from all the hundreds or thousands of others that are competing for attention and sales dollars. The Krieg Family has set themselves apart in a very competitive real estate industry by playing on the quirky and engaging personalities of the two realtors Colin and Wolf Krieg.

4. Show Don’t Tell

Is it easier to follow instructions if someone shows you what to do, or if they tell you? In any situation where you can use a video to visually demonstrate the steps, you’re better off showing what to do than explaining how to do it, just like Nicole Kellerman’s video (over 1 million views!) with stretches and exercises to help upper back pain or neck pain.

Entire websites and membership sites are dedicated to teaching people how to do something. Check out the endless selection of tutorial videos and courses on Udemy or, or do a search in YouTube and ask how to do something that you’ve always wanted to learn. (Who needs a university degree anyway, when you can learn everything for free on YouTube ;0)

And if you’re addicted to Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen (and maybe gotten lost in) the multitude of how-to videos about decorating, home decor, recipes, arts, crafts and more. In fact, there is an entire Pinterest category dedicated to videos. And what is the first option in the video category? Humour. As discussed in the Emotion section above, humour is an important aspect in many videos, helping to increase their popularity.


Video category on Pinterest including humor, how tos, music and more



5. Keywords and evergreen content

Part of why the Nicole Kellerman’s neck and back exercise video has so many views is that she has used keywords in different ways, both in the video title and in the description, and of course in the video itself. Google is now smart enough to recognize the words you say in your video, so it’s important to say your keywords often.

I want you to notice that Nicole’s back and neck pain video is not an elaborate production, yet it’s still reached 1 million views. It’s filmed and edited quite simply, but it’s effective because what’s important is her message on how to do something that is popularly search for. So don’t let lack of a videographer or video team stop you from creating your own videos!

And because the content is evergreen (something that is always relevant) which many exercise videos are, Nicole’s 3 year old video will still keep getting hits for years to come. And the more views, likes and comments it gets, the more credibility and social proof it gets, further enhancing the search engine ranking. It’s a powerful cycle.


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Now go for it!

That’s just a small example to illustrate a few industries where videos have successfully been added to their existing marketing mix. If you’re thinking that video marketing is something you might try for yourself, remember that it doesn’t have to be an expensive production in order for your videos to be successful. There’s value in creating videos that help your customers get to know you, and creating videos that answer your client’s questions means you can refer their enquiries to videos, which will save you time in the long run.

And the SEO benefits of producing and sharing your videos on a regular basis, especially if you’ve used carefully considered keywords, means it’s probably worth investing some time into creating videos to promote your own business online.


I’d love to know if this post has inspired you to create your own videos, and what fears or challenges you have in making videos for your business. Be sure to post your comments below, and if you have questions about video marketing, feel free to leave them too.







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