Is Twitter Right for Your Business

Of all the big social networks, Twitter seems to be the most bewildering for new users in general, much less as a platform for doing business.

Many people find Twitter confusing when they begin their 140-character journey. I know I did.  I gave up the first time. Took a 6 month break. Then came back and started to enjoy the process.

Maybe I stopped trying to logically understand it and just embraced it.

Is Twitter Right for Your Business?

As with any social network, I’d recommend giving some thought whether Twitter is the right tool for your marketing arsenal before you jump aboard.


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Here are some things to consider:

  • Are your customers using Twitter? (For example, statistics show Twitter is used almost equally by men and women).
  • Does Twitter integrate with your overall marketing strategy?
  • Do you have the time to commit to learning, using and staying consistent and relevant on one more social network?
  • If you are already stretched thin on time, are you willing to pay to outsource your Twitter (and other social media) to someone else?
  • Will it save you time or money in other aspects of your business – shorten the sales cycle, or lower your new customer acquisition costs?
  • Will it help drive traffic to your website (good for SEO and getting on first page of Google search)?
  • Does it enhance credibility and establish you as an expert in your industry?
  • Is connecting in real-time important to your customers?


The Twitter Infographic below by Zintro describes:

  • What Twitter is best for
  • Who uses it
  • What to share on Twitter
  • The “secret weapon”


Twitter for business 2 - Infographic by Zintro

Twitter for business 1 - Infographic by Zintro


Once you decide that Twitter is a good fit for the social media marketing strategy for your business, you have to simply jump in and get started. Then give it a 100% effort, and a some time for the little blue bird to grow on you.

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