Facebook Videos: Upload videos directly to Facebook and Optimize Them in 5 Easy Steps (video tutorial)

Facebook video - optimized Facebook videos in 5 steps

Facebook native videos (videos uploaded directly to Facebook instead of posting a YouTube link) should definitely be part of your video marketing strategy.

Video marketing is a hot topic – and has been since 2013. Videos are a great way for you to increase brand awareness, and improve your search engine ranking. But now there’s a reason to consider uploading your videos directly to Facebook for your status updates.

With Facebook’s new algorithm changes, brands have noticed they are receiving less engagement and less exposure in people’s newsfeeds.

However, it appears that in 2015 Facebook is giving preference to posts which include a video, and rewarding pages with more visibility in newsfeeds. So make sure you take advantage of Facebook videos before everyone else catches on!

According to a recent podcast episode by Amy Porterfield on Facebook videos:

  • as of December 2014, 20000 more videos were uploaded to Facebook than to YouTube
  • there are over 1 billion video views PER DAY on Facebook

That is huge for Facebook, especially since videos are competing with YouTube which is the world’s second largest search engine after Google (and by the way, Google also owns YouTube).

Just like it’s important to optimized your blog posts, it’s important to use a video marketing strategy and optimize your videos, whether you upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or even Instagram and Pinterest.


Facebook Video Tutorial

Watch the video to see examples of Facebook videos, and I’ll share the 5 easy steps to optimizing your Facebook videos so it will help you get shown in more newsfeeds, and help people find your videos.

Here is a quick recap of the steps to uploading and optimizing your Facebook Video:

Step 1: Add a video to your status update (upload it from your computer directly to Facebook posts)

Step 2: Add a description with keywords for your industry

Step 3: Optimize by adding a Call To Action and end of play link

Step 4: Add a custom thumbnail

Step 5: Add to playlist or as featured video


This will be the first in a series on Facebook Videos – in future blog posts I’ll cover what you should include in your video to get more impact and engagement, and how to get cheap ads using Facebook videos (my Facebook ads were $0.04/per click – compared to $0.75-$3.75 per click for my regular photo Facebook ads!)

Are you using videos yet for your business? Feel free to share one of your favourite videos below. (Bonus points of it’s a Facebook video!)




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