Breaking news: Facebook updates Groups with cool new layout


Breaking news: Facebook updates Groups with cool new layout

Yesterday, I asked a question: Did anyone notice that their Facebook group had changed?
Only ONE of the dozen or so groups that I’m a member of has the new layout. I posted the question on a few prominent social media fan pages like the Social Networking Academy and on Facebook expert Mari Smith’s fan page, and eventually, one visitor commented and said that the new Facebook group layout is in beta-testing phase.
Woo hoo! What are the chances that one of my groups was chosen? 100 to 1? 10 000 to 1?
I feel like I should go out and buy a lottery ticket!
Maybe you don’t understand – usually beta testing seems to be for a select few industry experts with a lot of “klout” or, in the case of Facebook’s new Timeline for Fan Pages, for a few big brands, like McDonalds and Coca Cola.

So I played around with the settings, and created an infographic to show the cool new layout options, and how to access the hidden drop down menu that allows the admin to change the group photo to a panoramic image. {Thanks for that tip Mari Smith}.
Here is a screen-capture of the group with the photostrip (it’s a closed group, so the member avatar images in the photostrip are blurred out). To change the photostrip to a panaromic image, hover over the group photo and a drop-down menu will appear. Upload your photo (it doesn’t need to be panoramic), then you have the option to move it up and down. It will be added to your group’s wall, and to the photos & videos album.
FACEBOOK GROUP - photostrip with circled upload menu - Bright Spark Media
And here is the cool new option for a panoramic group photo – it’s kind of like a Facebook Timeline Cover in a personal profile. I love this format!

FACEBOOK GROUP - panoramic with circled uploaded photo - Bright Spark Media
Facebook has lots of changes in store, and it sounds like they will be revealed after the end of February. Stay tuned – we’ll share all you need to know right here!

Go ahead and share this post so people know how to choose the group photo options when it rolls out for everyone!


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