Amazingly Successful 2013 – Goal Setting Worksheet and Manifesto



2013 is going to be your year. I can feel it.


Because you are an action-taker! Simply by taking this one small step, creating some goals (no matter how small), and organizing your business and personal life will give you a boost and get you revved up for 2013.


I’m so glad you stopped by to pick up my Goal Setting Worksheet.


brainstorming business goals with coloured markers


First, you’ll want to figure out your 3 Focus Words.

These 3 words will guide all your actions for this year.

If you’re feeling stuck, you can read about how I picked my own Focus Words in my blog post “Kickstart Your Year by Setting Goals“.

There are some simple instructions within each worksheet, as well as a sample worksheet that I filled in.



Here is the simple, practical version in Excel format – for those of you left-brained folks, and anyone wishing to complete their worksheet on the computer. This is also a good version if you prefer to print out the worksheets, and there is a weekly version and a monthly worksheet.

You can save it by right-clicking and choosing “save image as”.

>>> Click this link to download your free worksheet (Excel version):  Focus Words Goal Setting Worksheet Tool – Bright Spark Media v2


There is also prettier version of the one-week Goal Setting Worksheet for the more artistic or right-brained types. You can fill out this weekly worksheet right on your computer. Or print it out to remind you what your most important tasks are for each week.

>>> Click this link to download your free worksheet (Word version): Goal Setting Worksheet 2013 – orange swirls and butterflies



If you are feeling a little more creative, you might also want to create your own manifesto.


I created my own, and it was a fun way to explore my own strengths and get clarity for my business.

There is a step-by-step tutorial video, and some simple instructions in my blog post: How to Write Your Own Manifesto.


Manifesto with inspirational phrases in different colours and font sizes




I’m glad I could help you to kickstart your year.


Here’s to a successful year in 2013.


Be sure to let me know how you got on. Once you’ve created your manifesto, or come up with your Focus Words, pop over to my Facebook Page ( and share your manifesto on my wall.

I’d love to hear what awesomeness you’ve got planned for 2013.




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